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I have new book covers.

I am so thrilled to be finally at the end of writing this series. It has felt like being run over by a white truck you see in all those K-Dramas. It has not been an easy journey. I have questioned my sanity at even continuing. I have wanted to quit. At some point, I hated my own books because they had become a burden. I had to constantly market. I had to constantly create content. It was not what I signed up for. I thought I would write a book, set it off into the wild and nature would take its course. No. No. This was like raising a baby panda in an enclosure. I had to nurture it. Feed it. Look after it. It was like having a plant. I had to water it. Prune it and do whatever you do to take care of plants. It was the deep side of the swimming pool at my former high school where I almost drowned. It was the plane flying into gale winds while over the ocean. It was ROUGH.  When I finished the last book, I decided that they all needed a makeover. So, I changed the covers. My sister worked