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The Rise of the Emoryk is out!

 She's here! I will dub her ROTE! The second book in The Kenryk Series is finally here. It was released in August 2022. You're probably wondering, 'Girl, that was ages ago? What is with the old post?'. Well. because this book took my blood, sweat and tears to make.  This book was never meant to happen. The Avaris was supposed to be a standalone, but Korin and the others refused to let me desert them. So, I wrote this one, way back in 2016. I don't know how many revisions to this book I have made. I have never been satisfied with it, but I think that's just that inner critic in me.  Anyway, I had challenges with this book right from the beginning! The funds to get it out were depleted before I could even print the paperbacks. Former high schoolmates rallied around me and raised enough funds for me to print the book. I managed to print 100.  Silly me, I thought that was it. Nope, I now had to print The Avaris because people who hadn't read it and saw ROTE want

Accio Reviews Again! No? Sigh

Day something of me a self-published author... All right. It has been three months. I've sold a few books online and physically. I got my first royalties, though they are under $20. I still have zero reviews on Amazon on Goodreads. Disclaimer, I have a sprained wrist. I am typing with a brace on and cannot guarantee a typo-free experience. So, here I am, 3 months later. Having sold over 45 books and no reviews. I thought maybe my blurb wasn't catchy enough, so I reviewed that. I re-reread my story. Oh, the horror! There were so many typos I had missed during the editing process. So, maybe that turned people off? Is the story not engaging enough? Is it too long? Is it this or that? My teeth have been ground so finely from clenching my jaw with anxiety, I question my ability to chew right now.  I have decided to review my manuscript. I am not changing the story itself. I am giving it... a cosmetic uplift along with the cover. Remember, this is book one and understanding the chara

The Furball Life Anthology of Short stories

 I am in the middle of a grueling exam period and I needed a break. What that break turned into was me writing and publishing an anthology. Only 29 pages. Only three short stories. It came out of nowhere? Why the name The Furball Life? When you read the book you will understand.   Here is a short blurb The Diary of the Hotel Room If these walls could talk... Read the diary of a hotel room as it gets a brief insight into the lives of its guests.   Yours in Delusion, Ophelia Delusional or self-unaware. Ophelia keeps getting herself in trouble in this hilarious office story. Moments with Phindi Remember when you thought you had the whole world figured out after your graduated from University and you suddenly find yourself stuck in a dead end job? That's Phindi. You can get your copy of the book on

Clearly, I've been masquerading as an introvert!

I can no longer claim to be an introvert. Some extrovert from somewhere took over my body last week. This past week, on the 30th of September 2021, I had my first exhibition at a fair. First the bad news. It rained, horribly. It was wet, we were all cold, and I had a stand next to the door. However, I am a pre-planner, so I had my heater with me 😁. Second bad news, because of the rain, I could barely see, so, I ended up scratching someone's car by mistake at the parking lot. Oh, the anxiety, the panic, the fear. Turned out, the victim was a colleague so the exchange of insurance details was seamless, and she ended up having to calm me down because I would not stop apologising. Now for the event. There I was in my stall. All I had were books, a few plants, a banner, and my personality! Oh, did that personality come to my rescue! I walked into that room with many exhibitors, and I knew, if I was going to sell any paperbacks that day, I had to rely on my personality.   My p