Accio Reviews Again! No? Sigh

Day something of me a self-published author... All right. It has been three months. I've sold a few books online and physically. I got my first royalties, though they are under $20. I still have zero reviews on Amazon on Goodreads.

Disclaimer, I have a sprained wrist. I am typing with a brace on and cannot guarantee a typo-free experience.

So, here I am, 3 months later. Having sold over 45 books and no reviews. I thought maybe my blurb wasn't catchy enough, so I reviewed that. I re-reread my story. Oh, the horror! There were so many typos I had missed during the editing process. So, maybe that turned people off? Is the story not engaging enough? Is it too long? Is it this or that? My teeth have been ground so finely from clenching my jaw with anxiety, I question my ability to chew right now. 

I have decided to review my manuscript. I am not changing the story itself. I am giving it... a cosmetic uplift along with the cover. Remember, this is book one and understanding the characters and their motivations is critical to understanding the decisions they make in book 2 and 3. And yes! Book 2 and  3 are written and complete, but you'll have to wait for those.

My music inspiration this week that is helping me power through critically reading my own words is none other than Pentatonix. Their Hallelujah helped me beat my anxiety to drive in a big city and their latest  release The Prayer has ignited that spark inside me. Enjoy this amazing version of this song from the glorious vocals of  Pentatonix  


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