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The cover of the third book in The Kenryk Series is finally here.  It was not an easy journey. Being a self-published author means robbing Peter to pay Paul. With the economy this year, I just couldn't afford to pay anyone to make my book cover for me. So, my sister and somehow made this happen.  With the mixture of her drawing skills, Photoshop and Canva, we worked for two days and finally, here it is. I have a cover.  Pre-order the book on  Amazon  . I need to go do the final touches on the manuscript!

Excuse me, may I have some inspiration?

Sigh. Sigh, again. Do you know that feeling when you connect either to a song or series or something, and it instantly sparks your creativity? Well, for me music has always been my muse, even way way back in Nsync and Backstreet Boys days. Over the years, that became BTS and Lloyiso (if you haven't listening to this man's music you are missing out). Alas, BTS is on hiatus. I have listened to Lloyiso's EP within an inch of its life. If it was a cassette (yes, I know what that is. I was born in 1986), the tape would have been out of tune by now. So, I find myself floating aimlessly in an ocean with no land in sight. I am seeking inspiration. I am in search of that one song that will get the creative juices (this is quite a disgusting phrase) flowing. I just want to write again.  My playlist is diverse. I don't limit myself to any specific genre. Yes, I have even ventured to the world of heavy metal once and hastily retreated. So, please, can anyone suggest a song that I c

Not just on Amazon

Yes, Amazon is the go-to place for authors.  However, I have now expanded to other platforms. You can get the book on sites such as Smashwords . This offers a larger distribution to places such as Apple Books, Barnes & Noble , the Smashwords Store, Scribd, and Kobo , OverDrive (world's largest library ebook platform serving 20,000+ libraries), Baker & Taylor Axis 360, Tolino, Gardners (Askews & Holts and Browns Books for Students), Bibliotheca CloudLibrary (3,000 public libraries), Odilo (2,100 public libraries in North America, South America and Europe) and Califa's Enki (powers ebook checkout systems for over 100 Califoria libraries) So go get my books at the Smashwords  website.