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My uneventful journey to being a self published author

I was 10 when I wrote my first book. I'd read everything in the school library. However, I kept thinking "why didn't they do this instead"? Eventually, I decided, I am going to write my own book. Which I did. I still have the tattered old book. My classmates read my books, constantly pestering me for chapters. It was the validation I needed. As I grew older, I thought "Why not send my book to a publisher?" Oh, the rejection! I was dejected, felt unworthy, and suffered from imposter syndrome. How dare I think I'm worthy? I continued to write, but more for me than anyone. I must say, it led to my enviable penmanship. Eventually, I decided this year to finally self publish my book. Not for validation, but more for the "I did it " part. For that 10 year old girl who imagined herself an author. On Friday 06 August 2021, I released the first book in my trilogy- The Kenryk Series: The Avaris on Amazon. It is a dream come true for me. I never imagined