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Accio Reviews!

So, it turns out getting reviews is harder than Frodo's journey to Mordor. You need a horcrux, the blood of  a unicorn, Voldermort's nose and a nonexistent Gandalf the Purple.  Despite selling a number of books, I still have no reviews. I have deduced this could be for a number of reasons: 1) People have bought the book, but have not had the time to read it. 2) Creating an Amazon or Goodreads account to leave a review might be a bit of an extra mile for others. 3) They liked it so much, they were overwhelmed with the need to give it 6 stars, but the maximum is only 5 stars😉. It has only been a month. I will patiently wait for that first review. I have mentally prepared myself for the good and the bad. Hopefully, one day, I will see myself on some best-seller list somewhere.  Accio reviews! Still nothing? Oh well. I'll wait. In the meantime... how cute are my bookmarks?

Reviews, numbers and anxiety

So, it has been a month since I published my first book. On the 6th of August, I released my book on Amazon in Ebook and paperback format. Sounds easy. It isn't. There are so many rules. The tags. The categories. I ran to Youtube, it confused me even more. I eventually figured it out and published!  Yay! I was officially an author.  It has been a month and I am exhausted. Mostly because there is so much to learn and to do when you're self publishing. Not to mention the Matrix bending skills you need to acquire to dodge those scammers! I purchased 25 paperback to sell in my home country. I left the rest to Amazon. You know what? I have to admit. I didn't do so bad. It's a marathon not a sprint. I managed to sell 16 of the 25 paperbacks  I ordered locally through aggressive Facebook marketing - because getting into bookstores is like a trip to Mordor. I grew my new  Facebook page  and hit 180 likes.  On Amazon , my Ebook started getting sales sporadically. Someone bought