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Marketing. Publicity. Strangers to Self-publishers.

  It is a fact that being a self-published author is excruciatingly painful. You want to write that story that everyone reads and hope you break even at some point. You yearn for the day when BookTok recommends your book ad nauseam to everyone. Yet, it all remains elusive. Why? Budget, obviously.  We simply cannot compete with big companies that have large budgets for marketing and publicity. Your tiny little stall in that community event hardly will make a dent in your sales. You're exhausted by all the unsuccessful Amazon and Facebook ads. You have listened to every YouTube marketing tip. Yet, you're still invisible in the grand scheme of things. The struggle of self-publishing remains the same. We cannot afford to pay all the BookTokers to plug our book at every upward swipe of the algorithm. We will not secure that coveted spot in the morning show where you talk about your book. You remain...obscure. I sound like a Debby downer, but this is the reality of a lot of self-publ