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Excuse me, may I have some inspiration?

Sigh. Sigh, again. Do you know that feeling when you connect either to a song or series or something, and it instantly sparks your creativity? Well, for me music has always been my muse, even way way back in Nsync and Backstreet Boys days. Over the years, that became BTS and Lloyiso (if you haven't listening to this man's music you are missing out). Alas, BTS is on hiatus. I have listened to Lloyiso's EP within an inch of its life. If it was a cassette (yes, I know what that is. I was born in 1986), the tape would have been out of tune by now. So, I find myself floating aimlessly in an ocean with no land in sight. I am seeking inspiration. I am in search of that one song that will get the creative juices (this is quite a disgusting phrase) flowing. I just want to write again.  My playlist is diverse. I don't limit myself to any specific genre. Yes, I have even ventured to the world of heavy metal once and hastily retreated. So, please, can anyone suggest a song that I c

The struggle of being an author

I don't get it. I have been writing since I was 10. It came naturally to me. Never had to think it over. I'd open a book, write Chapter One and the story would flow.  After publishing my second book, I felt the fatigue. I have never had writer's fatigue before. Ever. It is so bad, I have realised I will write as and when the story demands. This includes waking up at 3 AM when the story demands to be written and start writing. I don't know how to navigate this new writing. I won't force it though. I need to like and enjoy the book if I am going to give it to the readers. On the bright side, I have been quite busy. I am on a drive to collect books to help set up a library at a school I went to as a child.  This will a short blog because writing is draining me at the moment. Enjoy yourselves and remember, dreams never expire.