Excuse me, may I have some inspiration?

Sigh. Sigh, again. Do you know that feeling when you connect either to a song or series or something, and it instantly sparks your creativity? Well, for me music has always been my muse, even way way back in Nsync and Backstreet Boys days.

Over the years, that became BTS and Lloyiso (if you haven't listening to this man's music you are missing out). Alas, BTS is on hiatus. I have listened to Lloyiso's EP within an inch of its life. If it was a cassette (yes, I know what that is. I was born in 1986), the tape would have been out of tune by now.

So, I find myself floating aimlessly in an ocean with no land in sight. I am seeking inspiration. I am in search of that one song that will get the creative juices (this is quite a disgusting phrase) flowing. I just want to write again. 

My playlist is diverse. I don't limit myself to any specific genre. Yes, I have even ventured to the world of heavy metal once and hastily retreated. So, please, can anyone suggest a song that I can play on repeat so that I can write? I am desperate here. I have resorted to listening to 90s R&B, because what beats Boys 2 Men and Whitney Houston? I even tried belting out a few Josh Groban songs. This resulted in losing my voice because I ventured where someone with no singing abilities should wander towards. 

So, here I am. Hoarse voice. 4th draft of Wildfyre staring at me and I am struggling to write. Ugh, this used to be so easy when I was writing as a child. Being an adult is overrated. 

I will leave you with a music plug as I await your recommendations. Listen to Lloyiso's EP on Spotify.

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  1. Make a story of your interaction with the school. And how you inspired it to its former greatness. Add some side dramas. add some romance and you're done! You are wonderful Inge. Blessings Margo


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