Clearly, I've been masquerading as an introvert!

I can no longer claim to be an introvert. Some extrovert from somewhere took over my body last week. This past week, on the 30th of September 2021, I had my first exhibition at a fair. First the bad news. It rained, horribly. It was wet, we were all cold, and I had a stand next to the door. However, I am a pre-planner, so I had my heater with me 😁. Second bad news, because of the rain, I could barely see, so, I ended up scratching someone's car by mistake at the parking lot.

Oh, the anxiety, the panic, the fear.

Turned out, the victim was a colleague so the exchange of insurance details was seamless, and she ended up having to calm me down because I would not stop apologising.

Now for the event. There I was in my stall. All I had were books, a few plants, a banner, and my personality! Oh, did that personality come to my rescue! I walked into that room with many exhibitors, and I knew, if I was going to sell any paperbacks that day, I had to rely on my personality.


My personality achieved me the following things:

1) A graphic designer who has offered to help me upgrade the cover page of my book for half the price I got for the original one. And a bonus of 100 business cards.

2)Free promo because through our exchange, she sent my book to a relative of hers who has a large book following to promote the book- for free!

3) I sold 4 books and made leads towards getting eBooks sold for those who preferred that format.

4) Two people asked me to write biographies of their lives!!!! (Um, I have only ever written fiction. Where does one begin with writing someone's biography?)

5. I scored my first radio interview! It was free! Yes! I was live reporting from my house in sweats and T-shirts on radio promoting my book. I pulled every ounce of charisma for that 10-minute slot, the radio guy ended up allowing me to plug aspects of my book I could only get if I had paid for it.

6) I met a fellow writer who knows all the places to be and people to meet if I intend to make it in this self-publishing world.

7) I got a book distributor!

All in all, while sales have slowed down compared to my first month, and reviews remain elusive, it has not been absolute silence or progress. I am getting there. Yes, my Amazon rank has decreased, but I still say, I did it! I published a book!


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