My book characters have turned against me!

The date is set. 

May 2022, The Rise of The Emoryk, Book 2 to the Avaris will be released!

Sounds exciting. Yay! Er Nay? Korin, Amari, Forde and Arteryn are refusing to cooperate with the storyline I have created for them. Nope, their fates will not be determined. I am struggling to finish the fourth draft of the book before it goes through extensive editing.

So, what do I do? I'm giving them the silent treatment. I haven't written in 4 days because they insist on deciding what should happen. The problem is, where they want to go will change the whole story. So, I am locked in a battle with my characters. I am ready to delete the 2 chapters I just wrote that Amari and Korin took over. 

In other news, I am officially available on South Africa's biggest online store. You can now get your paperback of The Kenryk Series the Avaris on Takealot . Do not panic when you see the cover and blurb. That was the original cover and blurb before the cosmetic makeover. You know the book cover has had an upgrade now.

Anyway, so while I am locked in battle with my characters for The Rise of the Emoryk, I have been relying on some music to get me out of the funk. My music recommendation this week is at least helping me dance away the complaints from the characters. Enjoy Ateez's Answer . Yes, you must do the hands in the air. I've played Crystal Snow by BTS within an inch of its life at this point.


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