Still Stuck

When I made the decision to self publish my first book, I didn't think anyone would buy it. Since I have been writing books since I was 10, I was driven by that "I did it" feeling. And I did it. I got my book published. It became available in book stores and online and there were sales.

Then I got caught up in the numbers, the rankings, the sales, the reviews. I was consumed by what I could and should be doing to get higher sales and a higher ranking. I forgot why I had started writing in the first place. As a result, I have hit a major writer's block with Book 2 of the series: The Rise of the Emoryk. I forgot why I did this in the first place. Not even music could help until I had to pause and remind myself why I started.

I compared myself to others. I started feeling inadequate. I just wanted to reach that level. What Level? That is the question. What level am I hoping to reach? Like my main character Amari in The Kenryk Series, I had worked towards a goal- to be a published author (she wanted to be a warrior). I achieved that. My book was published. People bought my book. Yes, I have no reviews on Amazon, but I do have an amazing review from someone on Facebook. No, I'm not making $50 000 a month from sales or ranking in the top 100 of anything, but I have to remember- it is a marathon, not a sprint. My book will still be there in 10 years. It will never expire the same way the Lord of the Rings has not expired. 

So, I will be patient. I will do my marketing. I will write The Rise of the Emoryk with the same mindset I had for the first book and overcome this need for external validation. At the end of the day, I DID IT!

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Until then, I'll be off to write. Behave Korin!


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