No Amazon reviews? Meh.

I have had my first book, the fantasy fiction The Kenryk Series: The Avaris #1 out for a few months now. When I published the book for me it was for the "I did it" feeling. Then I started getting caught up with the numbers, the rankings, and the endless need for reviews. I was desperate. I wanted to be recognised. 

It took the writer's block I've finally overcome to realise, that "I did it!" I published my book all by myself. I sourced the illustrator, the book cover designers, the formatter, the printer, and the distributor. I made it into bookshelves. Granted, I have not yet seen my book on shelves, but they are available in other provinces in the country. However, I did get reviews. A teen who has been badgering her father about when I will release the second book and my primary school friend who cannot get enough of Korin. 

These are people in South Africa who want to read the next book. I got so caught up in gaining external validation, I forgot why I had even started this. I did it because I loved it. I loved creating worlds and characters. So, yes, while having BEST SELLER slapped on the cover of the book is something authors aspire for, maybe I will never have that. However, I will have people that buy the book, enjoy it and demand that I release the next copy. They may never leave reviews on Amazon, but, their craving for book 2 is a great review enough for me. 

The bad news, due to writer's block, I've had to push the release of book 2 to August. I absolutely refuse to give you something I am not proud of, that you will not enjoy. I need to give you the best because you deserve it. You took the time to pick up my book and read it. It must take you on a roller coaster of emotions. It must be worth every penny. For me to do that, I have to extend the time of production. Apologies. Apologies. Apologies.

Now for the good news... The book cover is for book 2 is done! A reveal will come in due time. Also, the writer's block has been conquered, but I was caught off guard by how Korin and Amari decided to take over the story. I decided not to fight them. I let them lead me. Naturally, I'll need an editor to wrangle them into order. 

So, while I continue to type away towards the end of The Rise of the Emoryk book 2 you can pre-order on Amazon as well as Draft2Digital.  You can visit your closest Barnes and Noble, Exclusive Books, and Bargain Stores. You can go to the nearest Wordsworth store and get the first book before the second one comes out. You know what's amazing? If you're in South Africa, you can buy the book online on Takealot and Exclusive Books and have it delivered to your door. 

Now, let me go back to writing.


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