Character Face reveal

Almost a year later? I know, I know. I should have done this right from the beginning. However, now that you have read the first book on Amazon or Exclusive Books and these different sites you hopefully pre-ordered book 2 The Rise of the Emoryk on Amazon and on all these sites.

So, what is this about? Well, I wanted to introduce you to how I saw the book characters in my mind when I wrote the books. Please note, that you're absolutely allowed to have your own version of them in your mind when you read. However, for you to understand the Kenryk, I will begin with the introductions of the key four characters. Name and age.

Amari (20)


Korin (24). Yes, he's a man

Forde (25)

Arteryn (34)

Say hello to the faces that will go through the fire with you for three whole books. When I said Korin was beautiful, I wasn't kidding. I'd like to hear your thoughts on what you thought they looked like. 

Remember The Kenryk Series: The Rise of the Emoryk #2 comes out 26 August 2022. Now back to that battle scene I have to complete for book 2. 

Oh and my song recommendation for the week- a song I've had on repeat since it was released is Speak by Lloyiso. His vocals are insane and I cannot get enough of the emotive ways in which he sings.


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