The Rise of the Emoryk is out!

She's here! I will dub her ROTE! The second book in The Kenryk Series is finally here. It was released in August 2022. You're probably wondering, 'Girl, that was ages ago? What is with the old post?'. Well. because this book took my blood, sweat and tears to make.

This book was never meant to happen. The Avaris was supposed to be a standalone, but Korin and the others refused to let me desert them. So, I wrote this one, way back in 2016. I don't know how many revisions to this book I have made. I have never been satisfied with it, but I think that's just that inner critic in me.


Anyway, I had challenges with this book right from the beginning! The funds to get it out were depleted before I could even print the paperbacks. Former high schoolmates rallied around me and raised enough funds for me to print the book. I managed to print 100.


Silly me, I thought that was it. Nope, I now had to print The Avaris because people who hadn't read it and saw ROTE wanted the old book. I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained. The moment the book was released, I deflated like a balloon.


The stress and anxiety had finally caught up with me. The adrenaline was gone. And I was...empty. I couldn't even muster the energy to market the book. I was depleted. I still am, but I am fighting through it.


However, here it is! The post about the book. I will probably show more elation in the coming months, but right now I am depleted.


The good news? I am already halfway through book 3, Wildfyre. I wrote these three books years ago and only decided to start publishing last year. So, while I battle this flu and exhaustion, I will spend my time listening to Run by BTS.


I have two books out! I'm not a hack. Weeeeeeeeee!


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